Better Than Done is out now

Better Than DoneI wrote a book for people like us.

Did I tell you I have been writing a book? Well, at last, it’s done! It’s Better Than Done, actually. My co-author, Geffen Rothe and I are so excited to share this powerful book with you. We would be ecstatic for you to get your hands on a copy of the first paperback print run or the Kindle edition, both now available on Amazon for you..

We wrote Better Than Done together over the course of two years. It is a powerful example of collaboration between colleagues, ultimately rendering us as friends and business partners.

It’s about a new, better way to set goals.

Traditional goal setting is outdated, ineffective and unsatisfying. There is a better way – paying attention to the qualities that are most important to you, every day. Better Than Done teaches you how to focus on your most valued qualities while living an ambitious life. We know this is so much more satisfying than just doing, doing, doing.

Better Than Done is more than a how-to process to achieve meaningful goals. It is a completely new way to approach being ambitious, called Intentional Goal Setting. You’ve heard the phrase “It’s about the journey, not the destination” many times. Well, we wanted to create a guidebook for how to actually do this, without compromising that desire to achieve ambitious, concrete results.

Be the first to get Better Than Done.

Get ahead of the pack and enjoy being one of the very first people to get a copy of my book in your hands. Begin your own journey of setting ambitious goals with sanity, success and satisfaction. Here it is then. Better Than Done. It’s for you. It’s for your friends. It’s for your colleagues. It’s for your children.

Buy it now on Amazon.

I am thrilled to share my book with you. Better Than Done: Sanity, Success and Satisfaction for Ambitious People is available internationally for purchase on Amazon.

Click here to buy Better Than Done in your country.

To your success and satisfaction!


Why your New Years Resolutions will end in failure

New Years Resolution Fail

With another New Year upon us are you full of enthusiasm and good intentions for these next 12 months? The New Year is a naturally powerful time to pause and reflect on what you most desire in the coming 12 months. Sadly, a disheartening statistic quoted in the Journal of Clinical Psychology tells us that only 8% of people are successful at achieving their New Years Resolutions. If you’re among the 92% that do not achieve their resolutions you may be telling yourself that its because you’re not disciplined enough, not committed enough or not focused enough.

The real truth is that the New Years Resolution system is broken. New Years Resolutions come from the S.M.A.R.T goal methodology developed in 1981, and that methodology is out of date. The S.M.A.R.T acronym stands for setting goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound and this approach has been the staple diet of business and management for the last 30 years. The reason you are failing in your New Years Resolution is that you are using out-dated technology.

I have spent the last few years researching and experimenting with an improved approach to goal setting that ensures my clients, and myself, maintain enthusiasm and momentum while pursuing highly ambitious outcomes. This month I’m thrilled to be launching my first workshop introducing the Intentional Goal Setting System.

The Intentional Goal Setting System flips the S.M.A.R.T goal setting system on its head. Instead of chasing a very 1980’s form of external material success, our new approach to setting goals, tracking progress and defining success is all about being satisfied while pursuing your deepest desires.

The Intentional Goal Setting System invites you to focus on the kind of person you desire to be. Then, instead of focusing exclusively on your end result, you track the tangible, measurable experiences that provide proof that you are being who you want to be. This approach builds a greater sense of satisfaction in day-to-day life and provides you with strong motivation to keep on moving forward.

If you’re ready to make 2015 your most satisfying and successful year yet, then I invite you to be among the first to join me for my Intentional Goal Setting Workshop debut on 10th January.

Whatever your desires for the New Year, may your year be profoundly satisfying and full of joy!

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Increase your chances of achieving your goal by 33% with a whisper!

Sharing goals increases achievement

Did you know that by sharing a goal with a friend you are 33% more likely to achieve that goal than by simply thinking about it?

Research by Dr. Gail Matthews at the Dominican University of California tested various scenarios in relation to goal setting: from simply thinking about business-related goals, all the way through to undertaking a full spectrum of accountability activities (writing goals, writing action commitments, sharing those commitments with a friend and providing weekly progress reports to that friend).  She found that those participants that did all of those accountability activities achieved 76% of their goal compared to only 43% for the group that simply thought about their goals.

Back in August I was faced with an obstacle, my business was growing but I was juggling client bookings and inconsistent room availability in my current offices.  So I set a goal to find a modern, friendly and professional clinic to make my home, and then took action to make that a reality.  The exciting news is – I found two!

Hypnotherapy room at Canonbury ClinicI now have a regular clinic on Monday nights in the charming Canonbury Natural Health Clinic at 265 Upper Street, Islington, N1 2UQ.  Clinic hours are from 5pm – 9pm (last appointment is 8pm).  This lovely clinic is a convenient 4-minute walk from Highbury & Islington station, giving easy access from the Victoria Line.  Alternately, it is an enjoyable walk up thriving Upper Street from Angel Station on the Northern Line.

Hypnotherapy room at ClerkenwellbeingOn Thursday evening Clerkenwellbeing at 178 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DT hosts my clinic in Clerkenwell, the creative heart of London. Clinic hours are 4pm – 8pm (last appointment 7pm).  This newly refurbished building, which includes Pilates and Yoga Studios, is 7 minutes walk from Barbican Tube and in easy access of the City.

How are you tracking with your goals?  Are you feeling the desire to set some new ones for the autumn?  As always, I would be delighted to assist you to continue to craft your life into a true expression of how you want it to be.  I invite you to share your goals and commitments in the comments.  Should you wish to book an evening appointment at either of these lovely new locations, please contact me.

Do you know of someone else who would benefit from the work I do?  Send them the link to this article.

Wishing you a wonderful, inspiring, productive autumn season!


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Cultivate dreams into reality

People who’ve worked with me or spent time with me will recognise one of my signature questions: “How will you know?

How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal?

How will you know when you’ve made that change?

How will you know when you’ve left that habit or behaviour behind?

The answer to this question is termed the Evidence Procedure – it’s the proof to yourself that you have achieved your result.

Imagining and describing with visual and auditory detail (the things you’ll see and hear around you when you achieve your goal) and feeling the feelings that you’ll feel when you are in that moment of achievement primes the unconscious mind to rehearse your end result.  The simple act of asking this question already begins the process of implanting this future vision in your unconscious mind, bringing it to life, and therefore planting the seeds of its fruition.

In addition to giving your unconscious mind the blueprint of the future result you wish to achieve, research has found that visualising the future also increases your propensity to invest in it.

A Taiwanese study[1], published in the British Journal of Psychology, examined savings decision of two groups of participants.  The first group was primed by a visualisation exercise where they were asked to visualise their future in four years’ time.  The control group were asked to visualise the present.  After the priming visualisation exercise the two groups were presented with 42 sets of binary choices between receiving a sum of money in the present, or a larger one a week later.  Participants primed with future imagery were statistically more likely than the control group to wait for a larger payment in the future than to accept a smaller payment now.  The future-primed participants were willing to delay a monetary payment in the present to receive a higher payment of a compounded weekly interest rate of 11%.  The control group would only delay gratification when the compounded weekly interest rate reached 15%.

The results of this study suggest further benefits to goal setting and mental rehearsal of the end result in addition to setting the direction of the sailing ship of your unconscious mind.   It seems spending time visualising the future also makes you more likely to delay short-term gratification for the longer-term dream.

What results have you created in your life by using future visualisation techniques?  I invite you to share them in the comments below.


[1] Cheng,Y-Y., Shein, P.P. and Chiou, W.-B. (2012) “Escaping the impulse to immediate gratification:  The prospect concept promotes a future-oriented mindset, prompting an inclination towards delayed gratification” British Journal of Psychology, Volume 103, Issue 1, pages 129-141.

Image Credit: mike epp  via Flickr

Get your dreams back on track with ease

January has come and gone. New Year’s Resolutions set with verve and enthusiasm may be gathering dust along with the running shoes in the closet.

If you need a boost to get those dreams for 2013 back on track then I invite you to read my new article which has been published in the Mind Body Spirit online magazine Healium.   The article teaches you a very different goal setting technique called Intentional Goal Setting that uses the power of the brain’s Reticular Activating System to allow you to easily achieve your goals.

Intentional Goal Setting is the perfect antidote to endless To-Do lists and will allow you to sail through the rest of the year with ease and joy!

Read the article here

I invite you to share your experiences of Intentional Goal Setting in the comments section below!


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New Year’s Gift!

I’m thrilled to share with you a powerful guided six-minute goal setting process called End-Visioning.  This process sets goals so powerfully in your unconscious mind that you find yourself unstoppable in your achievement of them.  I have personally used this process to land a highly remunerated corporate position within just two-weeks of immigrating to the UK, and again to buy my first apartment on the exact date that I declared!

Before you do the guided process, I encourage you to get clear about your goal by identifying the End Step (also known as the Evidence Procedure) that tells you that you have achieved it.  If your goal is to weigh your ideal weight, then how will you know when you’ve achieved it?  Will it be when you stand on the scales and you see that weight? Or will it be when you can fit into a favourite pair of jeans?  Each person has a different End Step, spend a moment discovering yours.

Now, state your End Step in the present tense and give it a date.  Use the following sentence structure and fill in the blanks:

It is now (insert future date)____________________.  I am/ I have (insert the End Step of the goal you have achieved in present tense) ________________________

For example: It is now 31st March 2013.  I have just finished running my first sold out workshop on goal setting and I feel so fulfilled to share this work with my inspiring clients.

Tip: Including the emotion that you feel as you achieve your goal will give your unconscious mind extra power and motivation.  

I hope you find this process beneficial and enjoy the gift!

Are you ready to make 2013 the year you achieved your heart’s desire? Or do you want to get clear on what you really want to create? I am offering a 20-minute telephone consultation at no charge to discover how I can help you make this year a powerful and fulfilling one.  Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

To your joyous and successful 2013!


Technical instructions: This recording is in MPEG-4 Audio file (M4A) format.  Download it and open it with iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Download the End-Visioning guided process here

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