Hypnobirthing Private Classes

Harness the natural processes of your body to experience the relaxed, connected, natural birth that you want by learning Hypnobirthing in a private class in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or via Skype

Hypnobirthing Sydney Eastern SuburbsBenefits of Hypnobirthing:

  • Release fear of the birthing process
  • Reduce or remove the need for external painkillers
  • Can shorten labour
  • Can provide a gentle birth experience for baby
  • Allows fathers/ birth partners to positively participate in the birth
  • Quicker post natal recovery

Hypnobirthing uses 4 core principles to help you tap into your body’s natural ability to birth your child gently and easily

  1. Relaxation
  2. Breathing
  3. Visualisation
  4. Hypnotic Deepening

About the Class

This is a practical and interactive course designed to build your mastery of the hypnotic state, commonly referred to as the relaxation state

In this class you will:

  • De-hypnotise yourself from the unconscious programming of painful childbirth that pervades our modern society
  • Repattern your unconscious mind with positive and calm birthing images, thoughts and feelings
  • Learn a powerful hypnotic technique to release the fears you may have about your upcoming birth
  • Understand the core primal pattern responsible for pain in childbirth and learn how to side step it
  • Understand the natural expulsive power of your uterus and how to work with it during the birthing process
  • Learn about the 3 key hormones that will contribute to your positive birth experience and discover how to biohack them to achieve beneficial results
  • Experience pre-natal bonding with your baby through hypnotic suggestion and visualisation
  • Become a united birthing team with your birth partner and your baby
  • Experience the power of your mind and its amazing effect on your body

Hypnobirthing class is fantastic for fathers/ birth partners too, allowing them to experience deep relaxation and to strongly connect with baby

Class Costs

Private Hypnobirthing Class fees are $595 per couple which includes:

  • 3 x 3 hour private class
  • 2 x hypnotic recordings to use to practice your new skills
  • 7-minute Affirmation recording to repattern your unconscious mind with positive birth beliefs
  • Full course notes for your reference
  • Written relaxation script for your birth partner to use during birthing


“We listened to the recording last night before falling asleep and I woke up feeling serene this morning. A feeling that hasn’t left an hour into the working day. That’s saying a lot as we’ve just come back from holiday and I have a mountain of work to get through.” – Joe, father to baby K, Sydney

“Your training is working! For the last two nights in a row, I’ve hypnotised myself to sleep! It’s great. I fall asleep in half the time.” – Excited father-to-be

“After completing the Hypnobirthing class with Kelly, I felt empowered, calm and positive about achieving my home birth.  Kelly was knowledgeable and professional and assisted me in overcoming my fears of pain during labour.  I’m pleased to say that the affirmations and guidance helped me and I would recommend Kelly to anyone wanting a gentle approach to their birthing experience. “ – Alyce, Sydney

“The visualisation made me feel more connected to my baby.  I really enjoyed having a designated time to focus on the positive aspects of my pregnancy and upcoming birth.” – Holly, Sydney

“I found it helpful in preparing for something that I was very uncertain about.  It provided insight into the role that I could play in assisting with the birth of my son.” – Tristan, Sydney

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