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About Kelly

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Kelly is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach with an ongoing commitment to growth and development. Kelly holds the qualification of Master Clinical Hypnotherapist (MCH) from London’s Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

Kelly gained her NLP Master Practitioner qualification in Australia in 2007 and subsequently trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in London, where she graduated with a first class diploma. She has since qualified with distinction as a Personal Performance Coach with The Coaching Academy in the UK, and has attained the highest qualification of Master Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

Kelly is an author of the book Better than Done: Sanity, Success and Satisfaction for Ambitious People available now on Amazon. Her book provides an updated approach to goal setting using principles of NLP, positive psychology and mindfulness. Kelly runs regular workshops teaching participants this much-needed approach to setting goals, inspiring attendees to achieve fantastic results, while feeling successful and satisfied along the way.

In 2016 Kelly consulted for the global hotel chain, Radisson Blu, to create a mindfulness program for guests as a part of their in-room services.   She designed, wrote and recorded the original English-language version of the relaxation and mindfulness practices which are now provided throughout their international hotels to help guests relax and recharge across the globe.

While in London, Kelly held the position of Chairperson of the Association for the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, and in this role was dedicated to providing high quality support and professional development for graduates of the Institute. Kelly has now returned to her native Australia and holds a Clinical Membership with the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA).  Kelly is an active member of the AHA, holding the position of NSW Workshop Coordinator and is a member of the NSW Executive Committee.  Kelly also holds the title of Advanced Practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), and is a member of the National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia (NHRA).

With a background of over a decade working in international blue chip corporate environments she understands the challenges faced by achievement-oriented professionals in the demanding corporate environment.

I suffered from clinical depression for 7 years while climbing the corporate ladder. I was medicated and numb but still had regular bouts of feeling suicidal. At last I realised that medication was not working for me and began a relentless search to become well. I have amassed years’ worth of tools and techniques, to run my mind and my life in a way that brings me joy every day. I am honoured to be able to guide others to do the same.

Kelly is passionate about helping others harness the power of their unconscious mind to become more effective in their lives, in getting what they want and feeling sane, successful and satisfied along the way.

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About Hypnosis

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Sometimes people associate hypnosis with stage shows, clucking like a chicken or dancing like Michael Jackson.  In fact, the hypnotic state is something we all experience everyday of our lives.  It’s the state of focused attention when you’re so deeply absorbed in a good book or film, that someone can call your name several times before you realise they are talking to you.

With training and practice you can intentionally enter this state and use it to make changes to your automatic feelings, thoughts and behaviours, reducing your reliance on that fickle thing called will power!

In the hypnotic state we allow the conscious mind, the part that thinks it is in charge, to quieten down and step aside, permitting access to the deeper part of you.  That part is called the unconscious mind or the body mind.  It’s the part that beats your heart, that breathes you, that regulates your temperature.  The unconscious mind is like a super computer.  It has filed away all the things you learned from all of your past experiences.  Some of those learnings serve you and have created the success you have achieved to date in your life, and some of those learnings are probably outdated.  Most of our learnings come from when we were very young.  As children, our minds are like sponges soaking in the entire environment in which we are immersed.  As we get older we may realise consciously that there are ways to live other than what we experienced in our childhood, yet we still find ourselves behaving in the way we learned back then.  Using hypnosis we can update those learnings to something that better serves you in the present.

The conscious mind is only responsible for about 5% of our mental processing, so why not use the 80/20 rule?  Lets go for creating the most amount of change with the least amount of effort.

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About Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Psychology student Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder developed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the 1970’s.  They studied the most effective therapists of the time and distilled the very essence of the work they observed down to the purest, fastest methods of creating change inside a human being.  Overcoming a phobia, which used to take years of therapeutic work, could now be achieved in a matter of minutes.

This focus and pursuit of efficiency and excellence deeply appeals to me.  I’ve always loved to do things better, quicker and smarter, and facilitating change in this effective manner is a delight.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to feel confident and in control in a meeting with just a word and a tap of your foot? Or release yourself from the daily inner battle with the part of you that refuses to go to the gym, to start that project, to go on that date, even though you know its what you want? How about getting clear on the most important things in your life so that you can allow the noise of the unimportant daily trivia to fade into the background so that you can focus on where you truly want to be heading?

Are you ready to experience a new way of running your mind?  We all know of the untapped potential of the human mind.  Get ready to tap into yours and become truly unstoppable in the achievement of your dreams.

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About Emotional Freedom Technique

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an energy meridian based therapy.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are the subtle energy lines that travel the body. EFT works by accessing various locations along the body’s energy meridians to allow the release of emotional pain. Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan PhD, developed the first principles of the therapy in the 1980’s by applying these Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to emotional states. Stanford engineer Gary Craig further refined the technique and created EFT.

I first encountered EFT in 2006 when I was searching for a way to overcome years of persistent clinical depression.  A constantly repeating prescription for anti-depressants had left me feeling numb, hopeless and disillusioned with medication and I was determined to find a solution that worked. In my first session I found the tapping strange and even a bit silly.  How could tapping on my body and moving my eyes shift years of a bleak sense of hopelessness?  To my surprise, at the end of the first session I already felt better.  I felt a sense of energy and aliveness running through my body and the buds of hope starting to peek through the frozen earth of my numbed emotions.  After several months I could confidently say I had left depression behind and was excitedly sharing the tool with friends and family.

A large number of studies have been made into the efficacy of EFT in overcoming problems such as anxiety, depression, pain and physical symptoms, athletic performance, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), weight loss, cravings and addictions. A recent US study of veterans suffering from PTSD found that after 3 sessions of EFT, 60% of the group no longer met the PTSD clinical criteria. By six sessions, 90% of the participants were no longer experiencing PTSD symptoms.

EFT is an excellent tool for cleaning out the backlog of pain, trauma and suppressed emotion that many of us carry.  Once you have learned this technique, it is an easy process to do yourself and to include as a practice that supports you in times of challenge, or as a daily top up to boost your positivity and zest for life!

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