Book: Better Than Done

Traditional Goal Setting doesn’t work.  To-do lists just don’t get done.

Many of us are ambitious and goal oriented, yet we do no enjoy our path to success.  Using outdated goal setting technology, we struggle joylessly to achieve our goals, losing momentum and ultimately abandoning our dreams.  We constantly feel we’re not doing enough.

Better Than Done introduces Intentional Goal SettingTM, a new system for setting powerful goals and feeling successful along the way.  Combining principles of positive psychology, mindfulness and NLP, this fresh approach coaches you to:

  • Identify your heart’s desire at the core of any goal
  • Set an effective time frame and stop running out of steam
  • Make progress in multiple areas of life while preventing overwhelm
  • Pay attention to your early success signals to guarantee momentum
  • Celebrate without sabotaging yourself and your ultimate goal

Price: $14.95 + $4.00 postage (within Australia only)| Format: Paperback | Limited Stock

Recording: Inner Confidence

Inner Confidence

Reprogram your confidence levels on your own time.  Listen to this targeted recording to help you tap into your inner confidence to become the poised, confident professional you’ve always wanted to be.

Price: $14.95| Format: MP4 | Duration: 16min 50s