I work with people who are committed to change.

I help them easily realise change and improve their lives through access to the right tools and an excellent practitioner.

I leave a trail of happy, empowered, authentic and responsible people brimming with confidence wherever I work.

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Here is what a few of my past clients have to say:

– Natasha, Aerialist & Dancer, London

My boyfriend and I arrived yesterday evening to London after a wonderful holiday and two great flights!! On the flight back I sat down in the plane very relaxed, quickly got into my book and managed to focus on it with no problem. And by the time we were arriving in London I was looking through the window like a child trying to spot the coast and all sorts.  Thank you very very much, feel very pleased! – N., Architect, London

Just wanted to say thanks for seeing me so last minute on Monday.  It really really helped me and was great to do it in the midst of that upset.  So thank you!  This stuff is amazing and I’m loving how little resistance I seem to have now around so many things I want and like.  My self-esteem is flourishing from the roots up.  It feels so so great! – Evelyn, Stylist, London

I came to see Kelly to sort out my mental attitude to losing weight and to lose the weight that I had accumulated through my busy stressful lifestyle as a GP.  Six months after our work together I have lost 3 stone and I am a size 10 now.  I knew my attitude to my health had completely changed when I signed up do a training program as a fitness instructor last month!  “I don’t know exactly what she did, but she changed my life!” – Dr. Rupal Naik, GP, London

After being extremely ill, I had lost excessive weight and developed an aversion to eating.  Since our last session 2 months ago I have now gained 14kg! I am feeling so much better.  I am convinced hypnotherapy got me on the road to recovery.  Thank you very much for your help. – Carol, Hairdresser, London

I just want to say what an amazing job you do. I feel like you’ve really lifted a lot of the fog, confusion and stress that I have been living with for years. You’ve helped me to turn over a new leaf and I’ll always be grateful.  I will certainly be recommending you to any friends in need!- Ruth, Account Manager, London

I think Kelly is wonderful. A session with her feels safe, secure and her voice is just right.  I had not had hypnotherapy before and was slightly uncertain about what it would entail, but Kelly quickly put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable. The sessions I’ve had have been very enjoyable and really beneficial. I came to see her for help with self-confidence issues surrounding my business and self-belief in what I do. After two treatments I felt incredibly different and have seen the difference in how I talk about what I do and the approaches I use.  I have also felt that this has spread beyond just this focus into the rest of my life as well. – Tim, Complementary Health Therapist, London

My hair loss has almost completely stopped… I still lose the odd eyelash and eyebrow hair, but much less frequently than before. When it does happen now, I don’t freak out about it like I used to and there have been no tears!  I think this new, chilled and balanced attitude definitely has something to do with you – so thank you!- Katy, London

Kelly helped me with a presentation for a new workshop.  I listened to the recording she gave me every night and I played it this morning before doing the presentation.   In the past I used to find myself completely frozen and going blank and saying “Oh my God I’ve started a sentence and now I don’t know where I’m going and what the hell am I going to say next.”  Today when I spoke I felt like I was talking to friends.  What came out of my mouth felt flowing and spontaneous. I felt really really comfortable.  – Claudia, Coach, London

I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart (and my husband’s too). We’re at the airport in Vancouver on our way home from our honeymoon and I’m still a little bit perplexed by the fact that I am actually looking forward hypnotherapy confidenceto getting on the plane to enjoy a nice, relaxing read/sleep/film.  I’ll repeat that: I am looking forward to getting on a plane!  I would not have been here without your help, support and guidance and I’m just so, so grateful. And a bit proud, too. – Janneke, writer, translator & illustrator, London,/p>

“I used to feel quite nervous about presenting and would dread the build up to the presentation, especially if it was in a formal setting.  After just two sessions with Kelly I now actually enjoy presenting!  I am able to relax and connect with my audience and enjoy the process.  Now I even look forward to my next opportunity to present!” – Mick, Procurement Specialist, Leeds

“In the past few weeks I’ve created my first paintings in 4 years.  Its something I love so dearly and always found almost impossible to allow myself do. ‘Who am I to paint?’ sort of thing! Well not any more! Thanks again – I feel true inner peace at times, a lovely deep confidence and knowing in my dreams.  I am starting to believe that what I love matters and in my own abilities and I just want more! You’ve been instrumental in that! So thanks.” – Evelyn, Creative, London

“I visited Kelly on a Tuesday evening to address a phobia of syringes.  Two days later I had to go to hospital for some blood tests. I usually go all cold, clammy and light-headed prior to an injection or a blood test. This felt different. To be honest I was a little nervous in the waiting room and when I first went in to see the doctor, however when it came to actually going through giving blood I was calm and collected during the whole experience. I have since had Arthroscopic surgery on my knee and had no problems at all when having the cannula placed in my hand by the anaesthetist, in fact it didn’t cross my mind to be nervous about it at all.” – Dave, Arboriculturist, London

“Kelly has assisted me with goal setting and improved my communication skills.  Now I ask myself the right questions to be clear on what I want to achieve within my work and private life. I feel that Kelly’s support has had a major positive impact on all areas of my life allowing to me to develop as a person and start realising my potential. Thank you Kelly!” – Hannah, Artist, London

“My coaching with Kelly had me focus on things I’d probably never thought about before.  It has been useful to take some time out to really think about and focus on my goals, rather than getting stuck in the day to day.  This work has given me confidence that I’m taking control and overcoming the challenges in my life.” – Judith, Lecturer, London

“I’ve been afraid of water pretty much my whole life.  Just going near the sea, a lake or a canal – well, I wouldn’t be able to do it.  So I went to see Kelly who guided me through a very thorough and complete hypnotherapy session.  And now, I’ve just been swimming in the Mediterranean, enjoying a holiday at the beach and feeling great swimming in the sea!  Thanks and gratitude to Kelly.” – Drew, Client Services Manager, London

“Last week’s session achieved some pretty amazing results. I feel way calmer, more “zen” in relation to deadlines, and as for the relationship — things are AMAZING in all departments. Better than ever in fact. Thanks a lot — Can’t believe how good it was.” – Charlie, Designer, London

“I had a single session of hypnotherapy with Kelly for nail biting.  I’d had hypnotherapy for this issue before but the difference with Kelly was the detail of the history she took and how she used that to personalise the intervention.  She drew out certain distinctions that I had not considered even after 30 years of stewing on this problem and the results were effective. Now, people don’t even believe that I used to be a nail biter!  I recommend Kelly for hypnotherapy for anyone with a persistent habit, whether as a first time visit or after previous unsuccessful experiences.” – Steve, Physiotherapist, Melbourne

“I visited Kelly to get some help with public speaking – in this case the dreaded best man’s speech!  I had two sessions with Kelly before the day arrived with the rounds of speeches and toasts. When it came my turn I was a little nervous to begin with, but I used the techniques she had taught me and flew through the speech with no problem at all. I even got a great round of applause! I can honestly say that the whole experience was an absolute pleasure, all thanks to Kelly.” – Dave, Arboriculturist, London

“My ability to throw was a natural and effortless talent of mine. In Cricket nobody could match my all-round power or the laser-guided accuracy, even at the highest levels of the game. A heavy fall on a hard Rugby pitch left my shoulder in agony and damaged in a way that rest, medication or Physiotherapy was unable to repair. I could still throw but there was a tension and restriction in my shoulder as my mind subconsciously protected the shortened ligaments and tendons. After a single session of hypnotherapy with Kelly I’ve left behind 15 years of girlie-throw nightmares and I’ve just thrown a ball like I used to. What joy!” – Drew, Client Services Manager, London

“Now my outlook on life has changed, I feel much more confident and I find myself going out and making people laugh, I feel like the life and soul of the party.  The massive difference is that as every evening comes around now I feel really stoked about spending another evening not smoking, it’s no effort at all, I feel free and confident and happy.  It feels so good and I’ll always be so grateful to you for helping me rediscover my life.” – Chris, Entrepreneur, London

“I had been trying without success to regularly go to the gym.  I’m self-employed and can go when I like but it was still hard to fight through the chaos in my head.  I had one session with Kelly to make going to the gym a non negotiable and in the first week I got to the gym four times as desired!  Since then I’m doing really well. I feel like there is waaaay less negotiating going on in my head and a lot more “yes, I’m doing it”.  It’s happening!– Loren, Marketing Director, San Francisco

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