Relocating to Sydney Australia for 2016

Sydney Harbour BridgeAfter 8 fine years of adventure in this most fabulous city of London, the Australian shores are calling me home.  I’ve loved living, learning and labouring in this fantastic city, and I want to thank each and every one of you for the time we have spent together.

It’s been a dream come true to spend the hours I’ve spent with you, my London clients.  To help you gain clarity on your desires, to uncover and remove the blocks to your success and to see you shine as the wonderful, unique and precious individuals that you are.  Thank you for trusting me to help you become the people you want to be.  It has been a true honour and privilege.

And, if you’ve been meaning to work with me, and not quite made it a priority, now is the time to book in to see me.  I am seeing clients through to the end of October.  That gives us 6 weeks.  Call the clinic on 0207 490 4042 and book in right now for Hypnotherapy or use my online scheduler to schedule a telephone consultation if you want to talk about a coaching program with me.  Beyond October, I will be continuing to offer telephone (and Skype or Facetime) coaching consultations as I make my way back Down Under, via Italy and Asia.

Thank you again, for being a part of my time in London.  And, I want you to know that while I may be leaving the northern hemisphere, I will be leaving a legacy here too.  Curious? Hold tight – I’ll have more about that very soon…


Image Credit: Jono Haysom via FlickrCreative Commons License